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An original Marini design



Asta®, an original Marini design, combines curved shapes with straight lines and the precision of hand-crafted finishes. This assembly makes ASTA® an ideal chair for both circular and rectangular dining tables. Its numerous finishing and upholstery possibilities allow you to customize the chair to your needs.


Asta® chair with upholstered seat

Undoubtedly, this version was the most awaited and requested by our customers over the years. Since 2022 we have incorporated upholstered seats to our collection, transforming and re-versioning our Asta® chair through color and textures.

Available in natural wood or colors of your choice. Its seat can be upholstered with upholstery from Tienda Mayor of other friendly companies. 


Asta® stool

For its bench edition, Asta® is elevated by accentuating its most suggestive forms. The exaltation of the everyday is embodied in a creation that assumes a leading role without clichés.

Like the chair, it is available in mat, kraft fabric, wood or upholstered versions.


Asta® chair with woven paper cord seat

Our iconic Asta chair continues to reinvent itself. In its Kraft version, the texture of the handcrafted seat raises the sensory stakes of a design that stands out for its timeless and elegant silhouette.

Available in natural wood or colors of your choice. Its seat can be in natural or black woven paper cord seat


Asta® chair with woven cane seat

The original model of this classic from our studio combines the nobility of the Petiribi, the precision of the handmade finishes and a matted seat that accentuates its timeless character, consolidating a sign of distinction in the landscape of the home.

Available in natural wood or colors of your choice.


Asta® chair with wooden seat

In addition to the traditional seats, this wooden version emulates an almost unique piece where the wood grain is highlighted with the precision of the handmade finishes that characterize us. 

Available in natural wood or colors of your choice.

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