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Asta® Stool with woven cane seat

For its stool edition, Asta® rises up, accentuating its most suggestive features. The exaltation of the everyday embodied in a creation that assumes a leading role without clichés.

The original model of this classic from our studio brings together the nobility of the Petiribí, the precision of handmade finishes and a woven seat that accentuates its timeless character, consolidating a sign of distinction in the landscape of the home. Available in natural wood or colors of your choice.

Width: 52 x Depth: 46 cm

Seat Height: 60/ 66/ 76 cm

Total Height: 87/ 93/ 103 cm

Material and colors

Shown in pictures: Solid Petiribi wood with woven cane seat.

Also available in: Lenga, Paraíso or in color of choice.

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