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Tradition and identity.


The Samurai collection is Marini tradition and identity. Inspired on Japanese minimalism, and on the purity of consciousness taken to interior design, this line of products brings us closer to a serene and subtle style in our spaces.

Copia de Escritorio_Samurai_Petiribi_Detalle7.jpg

Samurai desk

Making routine more pleasant and enhancing the connection with the space. A single element can improve your work, and you don't need special effects to obtain that result. With its pure lines in Petiribí and handcrafted inserts in Guayubira, Samurai is a desk designed to combine with the demands of today's life.

It comes with a pen holder in low relief and a compartment to accommodate sockets and connect devices without visible wires.

Marini-2355 copia.jpg

Samurai credenza

Our Samurai credenza has the same aesthetics as the rest of its peers, pure lines where wood is the protagonist, being the perfect ally for bedrooms or spaces where we need a storage place.


Samurai nightstand

Our premise is to design pieces of furniture that, at the exact moment when they are taken a glance at, can reveal how they were made, and Samurai is part of this philosophy. Made of solid Petribí wood with Guayubira insets, its synthetic appearance with fine finishes defines a piece of furniture that seduces by its nature. 

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